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flounder gigging lights for wading

Flounder Gigging Lights for Wading

If you don’t have a flounder boat available to you or are just starting out in gigging then wading along the shoreline or sandy flats can be the best option. 

Along with the gigging pole the gigging lights for wading that you use are going to be one of the most crucial items of your flounder gigging equipment.

You can find some commercially available AA battery powered lights but they really are no match for an LED light run off of a 12v battery. 

A good battery should weigh anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds and if you have it in a backpack the load can be very easily spread across the shoulders. You’ll probably be wearing a pack anyway to hold water and extra gear.

Flounder Gigging Lights for Wading

Below we have listed two ready made solutions both of which will run off of a 12v DC battery.

If you want to make your own custom built gigging light for wading then you will find a list of the materials that you will need lower down the page.

1. Boat Lights Flounder Gigging Light

This purpose built flounder gigging light for wading is made in America by Boat Lights US.

It is 50 inches long and weights just a little over 2 pounds so it’s quite light and is suitable for use by kids also.

It requires a separate 12v battery which is connected via either alligator clips or spade connectors.

The light head gives out 2200 lumens from 6 high powered LED light. The head is set an angle that’s just right for wading in the shallows.

The six LED’s are arranged in a flat side-by-side configuration. This gives the best spread of light. You do not want a narrow focused beam when flounder gigging. A large spread allows you to cover a lot of ground more quickly.

The main arm is made high quality PVC which is both stiff and light. Pair this with a small 12v battery in a backpack and you shouldn’t real feel any weight even after hours of use.


  • 2200 lumens
  • 18 watt output
  • 6 foot battery cord
  • 50 inch long, weighs just over 2 lbs

2. AlumiGlo FlounderPro

The FlounderPro from AlumiGlo is another purpose built solution. It looks a bit more polished than the pole above but has a slight drawback in that the LED’s are arranged in a circular pattern.

Ideally they would be flat to give as much light spread as possible. Saying that it is a high quality light with the added bonus of a shoulder strap.

Again you’ll need to pair this with a 12v battery. It weighs in at 2.3 lbs which slightly heavier than the Boat Lights US model above but that little weight is hardly noticeable.


  • 2850 lumens
  • 50 inch handle with shoulder strap
  • High grade PVC pole with aluminum light head
  • 2.3 lbs in weight

3. Powerstar 12v 7.5Ah Portable Battery

Almost any 12v portable battery will do as long as it runs about 7.5 Ah from a full charge.

The Powerstar unit listed weighs in around 6 pounds and features a well sealed battery housing and external cover.
Chargers sold separately.


  • 12v portable battery
  • 7.5 Ah
  • Battery life 3 to 5 years
  • comes with 2 year warranty

DIY Flounder Wading Lights

If you are looking to make your own LED wading lights then with a few items you can get a custom built wading stick mage up in no time.

A lot of people like to combine the light onto their gigging pole. So if you already have a pole it is something to consider.

Light choice will usually come down to how much power you want. Remember that a larger light spread is quite important but it still needs to be bright enough to be usable. 

Here’s what you need to make a flounder light setup for wading:

  • PVC or aluminum tubing 3/4 inch
  • 1/4 inch u-bolt
  • Submersible LED light
  • Marine on/off switch plus cabling
  • 12v Battery

The light will be mounted onto the pole using the u-bolt. Depending on the LED that you get you may need to play around with how it is mounted.

The mounting position will be either at the end of the pole if you are using your gig separately or you can mount the light on your gigging pole about half way up.

You’ll need to fix the switch to the LED and then to the battery side of the cable. Try to get a good marine switch as it should stand up to the salt water environment better.

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