White Marlin

​The White marlin, Tetrapturus albidus, is an offshore pelagic fish and is found waters from Novia Scotia to Argentinia.  They faovor water temperatures above 66 degrees and are highly migratory.  

White Marlin

White marlin grow to 9’ in length and to weights over 150 pounds.  they have a dark blue to chocolate color on the upper half of the body shading to a silver-white on the lower sides and belly.  The first dorsal fin is blue-black and covered with small dark spots. 

The other fins are brown-black.  They have rounded dorsal and anal fins with a visible lateral line. The white marlin, unlike the blue marlin, have no spots or bars on the sides.

White marlin inhabit the upper 40 – 100 feet of water feed near the surface.  They diet consists of a variety of fish including Mackerel, herring, Dolphin and flyingfish as well as squid. 

Fisherman generally target these fish by trolling natural baits with and without skirts.  Dredges and other forms of teasers are often deployed in the boat’s wake to help raise fish to the surface.

Like other billfish, white marlin will use their bill to stun the baits and then come back to eat thus many anglers use outriggers to provide a “drop back” and more natural presentation.

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