Speckled Hind

​Speckled Hind grouper, Epinephelus drummondhayi, are also known as Kitty Mitchell and Strawberry Grouper.  

The common names of this grouper stem from the profusion of tiny white spots that cover the deep reddish-brown head, body and fins.

In addition to the normal color pattern, some juveniles undergo a xanthic phase, where white spots cover a light yellow background.

Speckled Hind

Speckled hind inhabit warm, moderately deep waters form North Carolina to Cuba, including Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Preferred habitats include high- and low-profile hard bottoms in depths of 75 to 500 feet, with temperatures of 60° to 85°F. They are most common between 180 and 350 feet.

Speckled hind seem to display a fish size-water depth relationship, smaller fish occur inshore, where larger fish are found in deeper waters.

The world record is a 64-pound speckled hind, caught off North Carolina.  Speckled hind generally engulf their prey whole, literally inhaling their food. Their life span is approximately 25 years.

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