Scamp Grouper

Scamp grouper, Mycteroperca phenax, inhabits continental shelf waters from Florida and northward along the East Coast to North Carolina.

Scamp Grouper

Although the species occasionally congregates over high-profile bottom, such as wrecks and rock outcroppings, the preferred habitat is low-profile, live bottom areas in waters 75-300 feet deep.

They have been recorded at age up to 21 years, but may live up to 30 years. They may reach a length of up to 43 inches and weight of up to 36 pounds. Scamp can be aggressive predators, capturing crabs, shrimp, and fishes and swallowing them whole.

Related to the gag and other slender-bodied groupers, the scamp are identified by their pronounced anal and soft dorsal ray extensions, a more concave profile of the head, and by color.

Scamp have a tan to grayish-brown body covered with sharply defined, well-separated dark spots, which are approximately an eighth of an inch in diameter.

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