The sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus, is a highly sought after game fish due to it’s leaping ability and beauty.  Most sailfish are revived and release after they are caught.


Sailfish are dark-blue along the upper half of the body to brownish-blue on the sides with silver-white on the belly.  The upper jaw is elongated making it look like a spear.  The first dorsal fin is high and sail-like.  On the sides are 15-20 vertical bars consisting if several small blue spots.

They can grow to 11 feet and over 100 pounds.  They are sometimes confused with White Marlin or juvenile blue marlins which also have a high dorsal fin until they become adults.

Sailfish are found throughout from the Gulf of Maine to Brazil and in the Gulf of Mexico.  Sailfish are generally found nearer shore than marlins and prefer warm waters in the 70 – 300 foot range.

They feed mainly on squids, tuna, mackerel, halfbeaks, jacks, herring, and other surface swimming fish.

Anglers troll artificial and natural baits like Spanish mackerel, bonito and ballyhoo.

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