Sabiki Jig for Baitfishing

Sabiki is a Japanese word meaning bait rig.  Sabiki jigs are most often are used to catch bait like cigar minnows, threadfin herring, blue runners and others.  They also used for jigging small northern mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and Bluefish. 

Sabiki Jig

They are made with 4 to 10 gold hooks tied on a line about 2 or 3 inched apart usually using a dropper or similar knot.  Sometimes the hooks are decorated with beads or dried fish skin is used as a hood over the hook shank.

​A weight or a metal jig is attached the bottom of the string of hooks to give it weight and help it stay vertical as it is jigged.  

Jigs can be loaded with feathers also to give them a bit more life. Mackerel absolutely love it when the jigs have feathers on them.

Feathers add a bit more action, life and color to the whole rig and there is a much better chance of a small shoal of baitfish seeing and then targeting your sabiki.

The traditional sabiki rig only used gold colored hooks. If you are right on top of a large group of baitfish chances are the flashing gold hooks are enough to start throwing then on board.

However, if you are struggling to catch anything do try to swap out your jigs for ones that have either feathers or some kind of body or bead head as this can make a massive difference in the amount that you will catch.

If you have ever caught more than three fish on the one jig setup you’ll know that it can get pretty messy and time consuming to have to try and un-hook multiple fish off of the jig every few minutes.

The best solution is to have a dedicated spare hand who’s job it is to start unhooking and storing the fish into the live well.

This is generally mush more efficient than trying to do it all yourself and will generally lead to less tangles and knots with other rods.

​Sabiki Tackle

You can use a sabiki jig on a normal spinning setup how a dedicated sabiki rod and reel is usually way less hassle.

Sabiki rods are like no other rods in the fishing world. The main point of a sabiki rod is to ensure the sabiki rig is enclosed once you have finished fishing and it can then be neatly stowed.

If you are using a sabiki rig on a normal rod you will end up getting all those tiny litte hooks not only caught up on the line once they are reeled in tight and hooked onto the bottom guide. 

But, once you try to stow them all those hooks will invariably end up getting snagged in all sorts of other things on board like clothing and other rods and reels.

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