Roscoe Jig

Several years ago I was introduced to vertical jigging, the version invented by the Japanese in the 1990s.  Some call it YoYo jigging, others butterfly jigging, some simply call it vertical jigging.  I call it fun by what ever name you choose to use. 

Roscoe Jig

With this style jigging, the hook is rigged above the lure so that when you fight the fish, the lure dangles to the side.  In a traditional metal lure jig, the jig can actually act as a crow bar and cause the hook to pull out of the fish’s mouth. 

The other big difference is in the gear used.  Most folks use a parabolic rod that bends all the way through the handle, this gives the angler more control and a better feel for what the fish is doing.  Braid line and a fast retrieve reel are the other key equipment.  

When you fight a fish with this gear, its your skill and strength against the fish, no boat, planers, heavy rods, etc.  Just you and the fish. 

Then of course is there is the lure.  My favorite for bottom critters as well as many mid-column fish is the Roscoe jig from Bluewater Candy Lures in Hampstead, NC.  The lure comes in 2.5, 4 & 7 ounce versions and is shaped somewhat like a squid.  It utilizes glow paint on the body with a touch of pink, brown or blue on the tip.  

I have personally caught cobia, flounder, five species of grouper, amberjack (greater & lessor), African Pompano, grunts, black sea bass, trigger fish, king mackerel and three species of shark.  I probably left a few off the list but you get the idea.

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