Little Tunny

The Little tunny, Euthynmus alletteratus, is a member of the tuna family and is also known as false albacore, albacore, little tuna, bonito, and fat alberts.  It is also often confused with the Atlantic Bonito.

Little Tunny

Little tunny grow to 20 pounds and have a typical tuna shaped body.  The top of the fish is steel blue in color and silver below with wavy stripes along the rear portion of the back. 

They are migratory, spending their winters off the coast of Florida and then moving to northern waters in the spring and summer. 

They often feed in large schools, surrounding pods of bait.  This usually results in lots of splashing and foaming of the water and attracts many different species of birds.  It also attracts anglers.  Many anglers target this fish with fly rods or light tackle.

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