There are three Kingfish species in the North American Atlantic coast.  They are also known as sea mullet, whiting and VA mullet.  Despite the names, they are not a true mullet.  They range from Cape Cod to Texas.

Northern Kingfish Menticirrhus saxatilis (shown below)
Southern Kingfish Menticirrhus americanus
Gulf Kingfish Menticirrhus littoralis

They are medium-sized fish with slender bodies and backs that appear slightly elevated. They are bottom feeders and eat shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans.  They also will eat worms and small fish. 

They are often caught in shallow water from boats near shore, piers and in the surf.  Most anglers use a two hook bottom rig baited with shrimp, mole crabs, bloodworms or squid pieces.  They are a tasty fish.

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