Permit vs Pompano – What’s the Difference?
Many avid surf fishing anglers will tell you that pompano and permit are easily among their favorite targets. In most[...]
Can you Eat Marlin?
Blue marlin are perhaps the most sought-after game fish species in the world. They are known for their distinct pointed[...]
5 Best Florida Fish to Eat
Florida is easily one of the top destinations in the United States where anglers flock to each year to catch[...]
Can You Eat Barracuda?
Barracuda have a reputation as being one of the most ferocious fish in the sea. This might be due to[...]
Can You Eat Shark?
Sharks are undoubtedly some of the most sought-after game fish as surf anglers and offshore fishing vessels commonly target them.[...]
Can You Eat Starfish?
There are countless species of sea creatures that you might find if you’re out fishing, snorkeling, or spearfishing around coastal[...]
Can You Eat Stingray?
It’s no rare occurrence for surf anglers and anyone fishing around coastal areas to hook something that they believe to[...]
5 Different Types of Fishing Reels
If you are new to fishing then all of the different types of fishing reels that are available may well[...]
Are Striped Bass Good to Eat?
Striped bass are among the most unique and most highly-targeted fish by surf anglers and others who fish along coastal[...]
Are Pompano Good to Eat?
Pompano are among the most popular species of game fish that saltwater anglers target along the coast and while offshore[...]
Where to Cast When Surf Fishing
Surf fishing involves the use of many tactics that are vastly different from any other form of angling. The crashing[...]
Best Fishing Carts 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Most of the fish that can be caught along the coastline of any beach are some of the largest saltwater[...]
Best Fishing Coolers 2021 -[Buyer’s Guide]
A successful fishing trip often involves more than catch and release. For serious anglers who want to keep their catch[...]
Light Tackle Surf Fishing
There are an abundant number of different fish species you can catch along the surf at any beach. Some of[...]
Surf Fishing Gear List
Surf fishing requires the use of a certain set of gear items that are mostly unnecessary when it comes to[...]
Best Surf Fishing Rigs
Surf fishing is quite unlike any other kind of angling. It requires the use of specialized gear and tackle to[...]
Best Surf Fishing Reels 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Choosing the best surf fishing reel means matching your reel to a rod with the correct power rating and action[...]
Surf Fishing for Pompano
Pompano are one of the most sought-after species of saltwater fish that surf fishing anglers love to catch. These relatively[...]
Best Tide for Surf Fishing
The success of any surf fishing trip is almost always decided by the state of the tide at the particular[...]
Best Surf Fishing Baits
Surf fishing is nothing like any other form of angling. It requires the use of gear and tackle that are[...]
Shock Leaders for Surf Fishing
If you’re not very well-versed in the world of surf fishing, some of the tackle and gear used, as well[...]
Surf Fishing for Redfish
Redfish are one of the most popular game fish species along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coast. Many anglers consider[...]
Surf Fishing at Night
Surf fishing is something that most anglers consider to be a daytime activity since the tides are shifting at night[...]
Surf Fishing for Flounder
Flounder are one of the most sought after fish along the coastlines of North America. They are known as one[...]
Surf Fishing for Spanish Mackerel
Spanish mackerel are among the most popular fish species that saltwater anglers target for a few simple reasons. They make[...]
Night Fishing for Striped Bass
When the weather heats up and the days become filled with the sweltering heat of the sun, most anglers prefer[...]
Best Bait for Striped Bass
Striper are known throughout the world of fishing as some of the most voracious feeders in the oceans, rivers and[...]
Striped Bass Freshwater Fishing
Striped bass are one of the most sought-after sport fish species in the world due to their ability to survive[...]
Surf Fishing for Striped Bass
Striped bass are one of the most popular game fish species found along coastal saltwater areas throughout the United States.[...]
Best Surf Fishing Rods 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
​Choosing the ​best surf fishing rod does not always mean picking the longest most expensive rod that you can afford.[...]
Trolling for Striped Bass
For many anglers, striped bass are widely considered to be among the few heavyweight fish that present a serious challenge[...]
How to Catch Striped Bass from Shore
Striped bass are one of the most popular fish in the world due to their potential to grow to enormous[...]
Best Striper Fishing Rods 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Choosing the best striper fishing rod means matching the rod length, power, and action to the size of stripped bass[...]
Best Saltwater Spinning Reel 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Choosing a saltwater spinning reel means matching the right size reel to your rod, what type and how much line[...]
Jigging for Flounder
Flounders are one of the most popular saltwater fish species in the world for a variety of reasons. They are[...]
Jigging for Halibut
Halibut are one of the most sought-after game fish species in the world by anglers who love to target some[...]
Jigging for Blackfish
Blackfish are one of the most peculiar game fish species in the world. Known for their finicky nature, blackfish are[...]
Jigging for Lingcod
Lingcod are among the most voracious fish in the sea, seeking to devour anything that comes within reach of their[...]
Jigging for Rockfish
Rockfish are a bottom-dwelling fish that can be found hiding amongst the cover of natural and artificial reefs and other[...]
Jigging for Mackerel
Mackerel are among the most popular game fish species that can be found swimming around the coast of North America,[...]
Best Jigging Rod 2020/2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Jigging is one of the most widely used saltwater techniques and your choice of jigging rod will depend on species[...]
What is Inshore Fishing ???
People debate whether inshore fishing is better than offshore fishing. It really depends on your personal preference, as the two[...]
Inshore Fishing Boats
Inshore fishing includes any fishing you do that is in water less than 30 meters deep or close to the[...]
Inshore vs Offshore Fishing
People often wonder what the difference is between inshore and offshore fishing. The answer is actually quite simple.Inshore ​is any[...]
Inshore Fishing Tackle and Gear
If you are just starting out with inshore fishing then getting the right gear from the get go will make[...]
Inshore Fishing Setup
Most saltwater fishing can be divided out into three distinct types of fishing offshore, surf and inshore within each of[...]
Best Pier Nets for Landing that Catch
​If you have fished on any kind of pier that is a decent height above the water your probably aware[...]
Best Inshore Spinning Reel 2020/2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
Inshore fishing gives you access to a large variety of fish species and fishing styles whether that's using bait or[...]
Best Inshore Spinning Rod 2020/2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]
An inshore spinning rod once sized correctly can handle a lot of different setups and techniques. Although there is a[...]
Blacktip Shark Fishing Tips and Tricks
​For most anglers Blacktip shark fishing is their first introduction into the world of shark fishing as a whole.  In[...]
Mako Shark Fishing Tips and Tricks
Mako sharks are known to be one of the most aggressive game fish that can be caught on a rod[...]
Surf Fishing for Sharks
Surf anglers know that the single most exciting species of fish they can catch is almost always a shark. Many[...]
Shark Fishing Charters – How to Choose the Right Boat
​Without a doubt booking a charter can be one of the most expensive things you can do following your passion[...]
Kayak Shark Fishing
​Fishing for sharks from a kayak can be one of the most exciting forms of fishing that you will ever[...]
Best Shark Fishing Reels
Shark's are one of the ultimate game fish you can target whether that's from the beach or off-shore on a[...]
Best Shark Baits
Shark's have on of the keenest sense of smells in the ocean and can sniff out a few drops of[...]
Best Shark Fishing Rods
Choosing a shark fishing rod will be mostly influenced by how you intend on fishing. Will you be offshore on a[...]
Shark Fishing Gear and Tackle
Shark fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing you can do from either the beach or on[...]
Pier Fishing Gear and Tackle
Fishing from a pier gives you access to a wide range of different species which means there is a lot[...]
Pier Fishing Rod Setup
​If you are just starting out fishing on your local pier then you may be a little confused as to[...]
Best Pier Fishing Rod [Buyer’s Guide]
​Pier fishing can b​e one of the best ways to start out fishing in saltwater. There is a huge variety[...]
Flounder Gigging Lights for Wading
​If you don't have a flounder boat available to you or are just starting out in gigging then wading along[...]
Best Sabiki Rod and Reel for Baitfish
​If you are catching a lot of live bait like mackerel and threadfin herring then the best way to haul[...]
Fall and Winter Fishing
Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning colors and the fishing is HOT.   These are sure signs that autumn has[...]
Flounder Gigging Equipment List – (What You’ll Need)
The minimum basic flounder gigging equipment that you'll need on your first gigging adventure is an actual gig.But;There are quite[...]
Flounder Gigging Boat
​Flounder boats give you the ability to cover a lot of water and pretty much float over any type of[...]
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