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Recon fishing - October 12th


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Capt. Allen (Breadman Ventures) called me up and said he was doing some recon this afternoon, did I want to go. Well, yeah, of course.

Allen felt the recent weather change might have moved the fish so he wanted to scout some areas to see if they held fish. So on recon we went. Some places were fisher than others but we caught a few specks, some reds and flounder. Not huge numbers or big fish but we found out what he needed to know.

The biggest speck of the day was a 17 1/2 inch fish I caught on a storm shrimp. Allen caught another keeper size speck and a few undersized ones. All the fish were released.

Allen keeps detailed logs of his fishing trips.  this helps him find the fish by referring back to past year to see where he caught fish during this time period.  it pays off!\\


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