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Caught some Wahoo! 


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I hadn’t been offshore in almost a year so when my good friend Taylor called and invited me to go on Sunday, I jumped on the chance.  He also invited my good friend and fishing buddy Gery (yes, I spelled it correctly and it pronounced like the spelling Gary).  Another friend of Taylor’s, Michael, also came along.

We meet at Taylor’s at 5am and soon were headed out of the boat ramp in Sneads Ferry for Swansboro Hole and other places near it.  After a couple hour, mostly smooth ride we stopped and put out the high speed lures for the remaining ride.  Didn’t get any hits so we switched over to Ballyhoo rigged on a variety of skirts and lures. 

At 9am we hooked up with our first fish.  Gery was first in the fishing rotation.  He fought and land a nice wahoo, his very FIRST!  Congratulations my friend!  We estimated it weighed in the 20’s.  It was 50 inches long with an 18 inch girth, nice fish. 

A bit later we had another hook-up (after a missed knock down), this time Michael was on the reel and landed another nice wahoo - a bit smaller than Gery’s but still a very nice fish.  Then we had several short strikes and finally another hook-up but this one pulled the hook after a 20 second or so run.  I was on the rod and very disappointed to lose the fish. 

Then a thunder storm we had been trying to avoid with subtle changes in course got closer and we had to pick-up and move about 10-12 miles away.  No luck at the new spot so after the storm cleared we headed back to ‘our’ spot.  But by then the bite had died so after an hour or so of trolling we headed home.

It was awesome to be back in the blue water!  Great day with good friends and some fish for the dinner table!  Thanks Taylor - I had a blast as usual when fishing with you on the ‘Beast’!


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