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Anyone want to go tomorrow? (12 may)


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Went out today hoping to find some tailers but was left disappointed by the tide and wasn’t able to get my skiff up on the flat. Wound up throwing the cast net on some bait and started bump trolling for some flounder. We turned up 3 little doormats just undersized before the wind picked up and the rain started. After that my first mate had enough so we pointed back to fulchers landing and called it a day.

I am going out of fulchers landing tomorrow if someone wants to ride. High tide is shortly after 10 so again i am going to try to pole in the grass and spot some tails, however the tide is only supposed to be 3ish feet so I may not be able to get up there. I don’t know yet. If not I will push through the creeks and see what I can spot. Once the tide starts to roll out ill try trolling for flounder again. That’s my plan. If you can throw a fly that’s my preferred method but I have spinning tackle. I have a 17’ maverick hpx and t gets crowded with three so only one person please. bring your own tackle and lunch. This is not a free charter I just want to go fishing. Maybe ill learn something. Respond to the post and we will see what we can work out.

Capt. Rufus
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how did it go, get in the flounder yet? would love to go with you sometime/