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Old Drum fishing September 16, 2012

I had the opportunity to take a few days off this week-end and do some fishing and relaxing at my friend’s vacation home in Oriental, NC (Neuse River).  I had a great week-end, relaxed and caught some fish! 

On Friday my buddy, Randy, and I went out with Captain Dave Stewart of Knee Deep Charters in Minnesott Beach.  Dave also owns a tackleshop there -  We caught a nice size old drum a piece, mine was 45” long.  I also caught a large sting ray and an “almost” 15” flounder. I was amazed that flounder hit a 10/0 hook with a huge chunk of mullet on it.  Dave is a class act - I highly recommend him for charters or tackle!



I have been thinking about getting a kayak and this week-end I had a chance to try out three different ones.  I really enjoyed fishing form one but it does take some adjustments for a guy like me that is use to some space in the boat.  I’m keeping me an eye out for a good deal now, so I guess I’m hooked smile

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Wahoo, Wahoo & Wahoo! September 02, 2012

Finally, a chance to go fishing.  Between my work schedule and the weather, I had not been fishing since April 15th.  I was invited to go out with my friend Taylor on his boat to chase some wahoo out near the Gulf Stream.  Steve & Doug went as well.

As we approached our spot (about 5 miles from our destination) we deployed some high speed lures made by Ballyhood - we call them cow bells.  We were trolling at about 18mph when we got our first fish.  Doug pulled in a nice upper twenties Wahoo on the purple/black lure!  Nice start.

Then a few minutes later the clicker sounder on the other rod and the fight was on.  It was my turn in the rotation and the line was going out fast, then I started gaining on him, then the line went limp.  I reeled as fast as I could for about 20 seconds and the line went tight again.  The wahoo had made a run straight for the boat.  I guess once he felt the hook in his mouth again it made him mad cause then he made a 100 yard yard dash AWAY from the boat this time.  Taylor gaffed him superbly.  He looked huge.  He weighed in at just over 51 pounds.  Very nice fish, indeed!


Steve was up next and caught a bailer mahi, still on the cow bells - a first for us.  The last fish of the day came on a dead ballyhoo about 2 hours after the fun started.  Taylor landed a mid twenties Wahoo.

  Awesome day, beautiful day on the water and good fishing!

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