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King Fishing July 03, 2011

Had the pleasure of fishing with my buddy HuntersHaven yesterday. We were fishing in our club’s little monthly tournament. This month there were prizes for both kings and mahi.

King fishing has been VERY SLOW this year and I hadn’t heard to many reports this week with good results, so I consulted my fish logs. I noticed that I seemed to always catch kings at this one particular location the first week-end in July (our club king tourney is the first Sat of the month so I have plenty of history for that week-end). Also a few other seasoned king fisherman suggested the same place.

We launched my boat around 6 and headed out of New River inlet (the buoys are all WRONG so use great caution). We made a quick attempt at AR362 for some live bait but it was all small so we broke out the frozen cigar minnows and headed to our spot.

We landed two kings there, they ended up weighing in within .05 of each other. First one at 7:50, the other one at 8:20. Both were caught on the downrigger on a naked Bluewater Candy deadbait king rig with a pink jighead.


We stayed another couple hours, had our bait terrorized by a school of small bluefish, caught a shark and one more king bite but he missed hooking up. So we left and tried a couple of other spots. Nothing but an amberjack, a shark and a mahi barely bigger than the bait he tried to eat!


On the way home the GPS display overheated and so I had to dead reckon with the compass back to the inlet. I turned it off so it would cool and then turned it back on when we got to the inlet so I would have the sounded and my old tracks to navigate the inlet.

Our king ended up winning the tournament! The mahi didn’t At the club meeting we had our usual 4th of July week-end meal - boiled shrimp and boiled corn on the cob with all the fixins. We all brought our families and had a great time!

Man I love this place!

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