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Topsail Spanish 8/31/10 August 31, 2010



Gery (hunters haven) and I left the dock about 6:15 this morning to do some trolling. Our first stop was at the hard bottom and ledges about a mile of the beach in front of the Jolly Roger hotel. We caught a couple of nice Spanish Mackerel, one weighed over 4 pounds, and a small bluefish.

After an hour or so we decided to head further out as we really had hoped to find a king or two. We went to four or 5 different locations over the next few hours with not so much as a sniff. We came back to the Jolly Roger reef and tried a few more passes then headed home about 1:00. The seas were very calm and very little wind. Gery and I commented on how different that patch of ocean is likely to be two days from now…........

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Cobia & a King August 07, 2010

The marine forecast took a turn for the better today so Gery and I decided to do some king fishing. We had passed on entering the Wild King Classic at Wrightsville Beach cause the forecast seemed a little iffy yesterday morning for a 19’ boat. But this is the Saturday for my fishing club’s monthly inner-club tournament so we fished in it.

Finding bait was no easy task, at least not decent sized menhaden. We did manage to finally get some, not as many as we would have liked but it was closing in on 8am and we wanted to fish. We had some ballyhoo for back-up anyway. There were four - five footer rolling in to New Topsail inlet and across the shoals but we made it out with no problem. It was smooth sailing from there with 4-5 foot swell on a 10 -12 seconds and almost no wind.

We fished near shore for an hour or so with nothing to show for it. So we headed out about 12 miles offshore and started trolling. After about 20 minutes the downrigger line goes off - not a big run and not out and away from the boat. But what ever it was felt big. We were thinking it acted like a shark but weren’t giving up on it just yet.

Gery was on the rod and couldn’t gain any ground but yet it wasn’t running, he said it felt like dead weight. So I cleared the rest of the lines and put the boat over the top of it. That worked as Gery started gaining some line. Finally after 30 or more minutes we get a look at it - COBIA! We landed it and passed high fives all around - nice fish. The fish was foul hooked in the belly and that was why it was like a dead weight pulling it in.  We hooked up again shortly after but what ever it was went straight down and SHREDDED my fluorocarbon leader on the rocks.


We didn’t have any more hits there so we moved to another spot, then another. Finally at that last spot we caught a decent king. We’ll take it to weigh in tonight at the club tonight and eat some of the cobia for dinner tomorrow. The club is having boiled shrimp and boiled corn for dinner - Yummy!


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Mackerel August 04, 2010

The marine forecast was looking great for today and my friend Mark from Sanford was down.  So we decided to go out for a half day of fishing.  We didn’t find any decent sized menhaden close by and didn’t want to spend all morning looking, so we headed out of the inlet around 7:30 with some nice ballyhoo.

Our first stop was the rocks off of South Topsail Beach.  We hadn’t been trolling long when the starboard long line goes to singing, nice sized Spanish - about 5 pounds worth.  Then a king takes the other long line.  After a pause, we boated another Spanish, this one just under 6 pounds and then another king. 

Low tide was at 9am and about 8:30 or so the bite just died - nothing between then and 9:45.  So we decided to head offshore and fish for an hour or so - tried a couple of spots about 8 miles out with no luck.  We needed to be finished around noon so we headed back for a few more trips around the South Topsail rocks.  Nothing except one small shark (the only one for the day).  We ended up with 2 Spanish and 2 kings - not stellar but we had a very enjoyable morning and are having fresh fish for dinner so no complaints here!

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