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Boat update June 24, 2010

I’m happy to report that my boat is fixed….for the third time this year.  They say thing come in threes so hopefully all will be well the rest of the season.  First my fuel injectors were clogged up, that took three weeks to get repaired (wait time at the shop), then on the first day in the water after that repair, the steering went out. 

Once I got the boat back from the shop after they replaced the steering cable and helm gearbox,  I went to take it out for some king fishing with my buddy Mark.  As we were going through to make sure everything was working before we left for the ramp, we found the GPS/Sounder would not come on.  We had to scrap our planned trip.  Found that the cable was bad up in the sealed (waterproof) section near the plug.  Had to order a plug from Garmin. Now that is replaced and everything seems to be working fine (fingers crossed). 

So I look forward to getting her out on the water, do some fishing and post some fishing reports!
If you are looking for fishing reports, don’t forget to check out my fishing reports forum. And if you have been fishing lately, I welcome you to post a report there, it is much appreciated by myself and others who visit this site.

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