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Deer February 18, 2010


Okay…I know, this is a website about fishing.  But just had to show off my nice 8 point buck from this past season.  Gery Vaughn, my good fishing buddy and taxidermist did the mount for me.  Gery does wonderful work, check his website for more pictures of his work -


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Fishermen In Support of Heroes February 03, 2010

FISH LogoFishermen In Support of Heroes, Inc.  launched their new website today, The organization is also known by its acronym, F.I.S.H and is dedicated to honoring and showing appreciation to our military members. 

The website was designed to promote and support activities related to honoring our true heroes who serve our country so proudly.  It features sections regarding our mission, news, events, donors and of course a gallery with photos and videos.  We also will use the site to raise donations and as a central point for recruiting volunteers . 

The organization’s primary focus is on Wounded Warriors at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and Fort Bragg Army Base.  As a group of fisherman, we do this by taking these men fishing and building a bond with them, letting them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made for our country.  We also purchase gear for their use and provide fishing licenses at no charge.

Fishermen In Support of Heroes, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of NC.  Please visit our website to learn more about our mission and to donate or volunteer to help out his worthwhile community effort!

Visit our website or email us for further information;

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