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Wahooooooooooo! October 01, 2009

imageMan what a day, great weather, good friends and some very nice fish!  Here is my latest fishing report from Topsail Island:

I headed out of New River Inlet this morning at 5:30 with my buddy Taylor and a couple he is friends with, Jerry & Carla.  We were headed for the gulf stream and loaded for Wahoo.  It was a little choppy on the way out but once the sun came up and warmed the air, the seas calmed down and were flat as a pancake.

We arrived at our spot near the Gulf Stream, about 65 miles from the inlet, and quickly deployed our spread of ballyhoo on a variety of rigs.  Just as I put out the last of the lines one of them went to screaming.  A few minutes later we had a 28.2 pound wahoo in the box!  Great way to start. 

Things were a bit slow after that for a while but about 90 minutes later the long line on the starboard side started screaming.  Jerry fights this one with me coaching (this is his first wahoo and one of the few times he has been offshore fishing) him.  Its a real rocket, nearly spooling a 50W reel, I’m yelling to Taylor to get the boat in gear and chase down the fish as I move Jerry to the front of the boat for the fight.  Finally with just about 50 yards of line left we are gaining line back.  After a long fight we land the first citation fish of the day, a 62.8 pound wahoo!

Another hour or so passes and the medium short line goes off. This time its Carla’s turn. She fights the fish to perfection but it comes unbuttoned right next to the boat - I was just about to grab the leader to position it for the gaff. We did a little bottom fishing without getting much but our hearts weren’t in it, we wanted to fight another Hoo. So we decided to go back to trolling and head toward a nice bottom fishing spot about 5 miles inshore of our current spot. Soon thereafter the starboard medium short line goes to screaming. Another greyhound for sure - line is peeling off FAST! then the fish finally slows down and Taylor begins to pump and reel. Then he says, the fish got off, no - its there but he can’t reel in line - the gears are SMOKED. The drag still works but the Okuma Gold Titus 30W 2 speed won’t reel in at all, handle spins but the spool doesn’t. The fish is starting to pull again. Thinking and acting quickly I grab one of the 50 wides we had cleared earlier, remove the bait and splice the line with the hoo on it to the other reel, clip the line and hand it back to Taylor to fight. My splice holds and after a long fight we land the second citation fish of the day, a 52.8 pound wahoo!


Wow!  By now we are tired.  The day is growing long so we head in with big smiles and a box full of fresh fish!

Oh yeah - 65 miles off the coast this bird (looks like some kind of finch or something) lands on our reel and begins to devour a bug it has in its mouth.  It hitches a ride for a while, resting up then heads off again.  Weird to see that kind of bird so far offshore.

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