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Blue Water Candy JAGS for sale February 17, 2009

imageI have some Blue Water Candy JAG Skirts for sale on eBay.  They are factory seconds, meaning they have a slight cosmetic blemish.  The blemish doesn’t effect the fishability of the skirt at all but it will save you a bunch of money.  Check out my auctions, if there are colors you want that aren’t listed, let me know and I’ll see if I have them. 

Trio of Blue Water Candy JAGS in Tuna colors

Known as a deadly off shore fish attractor, these premium skirts are the “go to” lure of many charter captains as well as anglers all over the east coast.  The JAG has a 3-1/4 ounce powder coated bullet shaped head with large eyes and a skirt made from hair and bling, made of a fine pearlescent fiber.

These skirts have proven results catching monster wahoo, blue fin tuna and other big game predators.  They are heavy enough to run deep for added vertical spread and are about 9-inches in total length.

Note:  The auctions change week to week so use the eBay search feature and use “Blue Water Candy” as your search term.  that should show you any auctions I’m running as well as others.


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Windy report February 11, 2009

I had planned to fish today but with winds in the 20-30 knot range, the boat will stay in the driveway a bit longer.  I’m antsy to get out, not only because I was out of the country for so long but also because I’m seeing some nice speck reports.  In fact yesterday I was at the boat ramp when a friend of mine returned from his fishing trip.  He had a limit of nice specks, the smallest at about 18 inches with one that weighed over 7 pounds!  They were all caught in the back waters of a nearby creek.  Forecast is for more wind tomorrow but maybe Friday or Saturday will be fishable. I renewed my CRFL, so I’m legal and ready smile

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February Update February 09, 2009

I have been out of the country the past 16 days so I don’t have much to report on the fishing side of things.  I hope to get out later this week and wet a line or two - the weather is unseasonably warm & sunny.  I did learn upon returning to the US that a friend and fellow Topsail Offshore Fishing Club member, Fred Piper, passed away while I was gone.  He was a very good King Mackerel fisherman and a great guy!  He will be missed.

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