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Kicking off 2009 January 06, 2009

image  This past Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day.  I hadn’t planned to fish but about mid-morning I could resist no longer.  I headed out to some ledges about 8 miles out where I often find flounder this time of year.  There was one other boat in the vicinity when I arrived, they said they hadn’t done much. 

To target flounder in the ocean, I use a 2 ounce SPRO bucktail tipped with Berkley’s Gulp! strip bait.  I prefer the green or chartreuse bucktails but have some luck witht he white ones as well.  Color of the Gulp doesn’t matter, just make sure you have some on!  Then I anchor up on a small ledge or some hard bottom in about 60 feet of water.  I “bounce” the jighead off the bottom - here’s how: I let it touch the bottom then give the rod a sharp 10-15” jerk upward, letting it settle back to the bottom then jerking it up again.  The fish usually hit it as it settles to the bottom so be prepared.

On this particular day I couldn’t manage to find the flounder.  I did catch two octopi, one of which is in the picture.  Or maybe I caught the same octupus twice…LOL.  When I was on Guam I use to eat them at local festivals but haven’t had much luck in convincing the wife that they are good to eat, so back they went.  I also caught two nice size puffers, one going over 2 pounds and few black bass.  Believe it or not the toad puffers are good eating!  The two strips of meat along the spine (the tenderloin) is a delicacy!  After about 2 hours I had to head back due to other obligations but at least I was able to get out and stretch the legs so to speak.

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