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Gery’s First Wahoo August 18, 2013

My very good friend and fishing buddy Gery caught his very first wahoo!  We were fishing with our friend Capt. Taylor on the 'Beast.  It was a nice 20 something pound fish. Click for more info. 

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Fall and Winter Fishing October 27, 2012

Old timers will tell you when the yellow butterflies show up, so do the fish, especially spots.    Ask local fishermen about their favorite fishing season and you likely will hear the word fall mentioned more often than not.

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Old Drum fishing September 16, 2012

Every year I look forward to going to Oriental, NC and fishing for Old Red Drum in the Neuse River.  These old, graceful fish visit the area in August and September.  Weighing as much as 50 or 60 pounds these fish put up a great fight. This article is details this year's trip.

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Wahoo, Wahoo & Wahoo! September 02, 2012

As we approached our spot (about 5 miles from our destination) we deployed some high speed lures made by Ballyhood - we call them cow bells.

We were trolling at about 18mph when we got our first fish.  Doug pulled in a nice upper twenties Wahoo on the purple/black lure!  Nice start.