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Weedless spoons for saltwater inshore July 14, 2014

Most saltwater fishermen have an array of soft plastics, jigheads, topwater plugs and floating- or popping-cork rigs in their tackle boxes, but often, one of the most-important and productive lures is missing: weedless spoons.

“Any fisherman who doesn’t have some weedless spoons in his tackle box is missing out on key lures,” said Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures in Sneads Ferry. “I carry gold and black weedless spoons in the ¼- and ½-ounce sizes and constantly use them as go-to lures. I know a lot of fishermen overlook them because they look so simple, but I won’t leave home without them.

“Like many other fishermen, I first started using them for puppy drum in areas where other lures would stay hung up, but I’ve caught speckled trout, gray trout, flounder and more with them.”

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